New looks 

I really like going down to the city center and strolling through the busiest streets taking a look at the clothing of the pedestrians. I know the streets where the most modern ones in the city move well and I calmly walk through them taking a mental note of what I see. Sometimes I even ask about certain clothes, if I like them. I love those seemingly carefree looks that are designed in detail. Most people, especially the younger ones, try to be very casual, it seems that they do not care about fashion, but without leaving any detail to chance.

In some cases, too, I take photos of the most daring looks, always asking for permission, of course. I upload them to my Instagram account and that is usually a good hook for those photographed: the ego always swells when someone tells you that you are going to take them out on networks. It is true that my account does not reach influencer, but something is something.

The other day I was excited about the outfit of a very young boy. The first thing I liked was his shoes, whose brand I did not know. He said he was looking to Buy Men’s Vegan Sneakers because he considered himself a ‘radical vegan,’ which was followed by a big smile. So I asked him about the rest of the clothes and he assured me that it was all about sustainable trade and things of that type.

And then I understood that fashion has changed because people have changed. He told me that he was willing to pay a little more money if it was clear that the clothes he bought came from firms that ensured a responsible procedure both with regard to the handling of materials and the treatment of workers.

In this line, he assured that when buying men’s vegan shoes, it was clear that he supported local commerce as it was a small company that works with suppliers in the area. I had no choice but to look for one of those sneakers too and put the boy on my Instagram profile, a photo that garnered a lot of likes, of course.

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