Personalized adhesive tapes, a boost for brand image

The personalized tape for packaging is a differential element, due to its ability to incorporate the typography, logo, colors and advertising message to an a priori neutral accessory such as the packaging.


Far from being an ornament, a simple strip of adhesive tape fulfills functions that go beyond its basic objective, that is, to seal and strengthen the package. This accessory has the power, for example, to spread the image of the brand and thus increase its recall.


For businesses large and small, customizing your adhesive tape contributes to customer loyalty. According to the ‘2016 eCommerce Packaging Study’ conducted by Dotcom Distribution, 4 out of 10 consumers say they are willing to buy more products from a company if they have premium packaging, as opposed to non-branded generics.


The boxes, envelopes and the rest of the parcel convey a message of exclusivity and professionalism to the customer, sensitive to this and other details that the big brands take care of at all times.


On the other hand, the use of adhesive tape with the company’s branding enhances the aesthetics of the packaging. Perhaps the most representative example of this benefit is the multinational Amazon, whose boxes and envelopes are easily distinguishable from the competition thanks to the logo on the tape.


Also, any stretch of tape can serve as mobile advertising. There are many companies that use this space —although small, always visible to the public— to inform about promotions, offers or services linked to their main product.


Finally, the adhesive tapes help to reflect the philosophy and values ​​of the company. Compared to generic products without customization, the customized ones can be ecological thanks to the new polypropylene models. In this way, in addition to recyclable cardboard and paper, the company underlines its commitment to sustainability in all the elements used in the packaging, including adhesive tape.

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